Contour Sense: Smart Skin Analysis System


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Empower your clients with Contour Sense: Smart Skin Analysis System! Discover underlying skin issues and then target and transform skin. Elevate your clinic offerings with the perfect addition to upsell treatments and skin care products!

Following an in-depth Skin Analysis with the ‘Contour Sense’, skin practitioners are able to discuss and create bespoke treatment packages tailored precisely to their client’s unique skin needs.

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Power: 45 W High-voltage: 110-220 V Pixel: 16 megapixels Screen size: 10.1 inches Current: 0.2 A, 50 Hz Device size: 42 x 36 x 56 cm Housing size: 50 x 45 x 67 cm Weight: 8 KG / 12 KG

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Advanced Skin Analyzer by Contour Group

Welcome to the future of skin care analysis as part of our Clinic Essentials range. Our Contour Sense: Smart Skin Analyzer combines the latest in imaging technology, artificial intelligence, and big data to provide precise and comprehensive facial skin analysis. Ideal for clinics, salons, and spas aiming to offer top-tier aesthetic services, our Contour Sense is the ultimate tool for skin health evaluation and treatment planning.

Revolutionary Imaging Technology

The Contour Sense utilizes a tri-spectrum imaging system to measure both the epidermis and dermis layers of the skin:

  • RGB Visible Light: For detecting surface-level issues such as pores, spots, and wrinkles.
  • PL Polarized Light: For analyzing deeper textures and detecting sensitive areas.
  • UV Spectrum Imaging: For identifying UV damage, pigmentation issues, and porphyrin presence.

Integrated Artificial Intelligence

Leveraging artificial intelligence and image analysis, our device delivers highly accurate skin assessments. With deep learning algorithms trained on vast datasets, it can automatically identify and analyze specific facial areas with unparalleled precision.

Comprehensive Detection and Analysis

Our Skin Analyzer can detect and analyze 12 critical skin conditions across the epidermis and dermis, providing a holistic view of your skin's health:

  1. RGB Pore: Identification and analysis of pore size and density.
  2. RGB Spot: Detection of visible spots and pigmentation.
  3. RGB Wrinkle: Assessment of fine lines and wrinkles.
  4. PL Texture: Evaluation of skin texture and smoothness.
  5. UV Porphyrin: Identification of porphyrins, indicating bacterial presence.
  6. UV Pigmentation: Detection of deep pigmentation issues not visible to the naked eye.
  7. Sensitive Area: Analysis of areas prone to sensitivity.
  8. Brow Area: Specific analysis of the brow area for targeted treatments.
  9. UV Damage: Assessment of skin damage caused by UV exposure.
  10. Moisture: Measurement of skin moisture levels.
  11. Skin Aging: Evaluation of overall skin aging markers.
  12. Skin Beautifying: Identification of areas that can be enhanced for aesthetic improvement.

Why Choose Us?

Precision and Accuracy

Combining advanced imaging technology with deep learning, our skin analyzer provides detailed and reliable assessments, enabling you to offer personalized and effective treatments.

Easy to Use

Designed with user-friendliness in mind, the device is straightforward to operate, making it easy for practitioners to conduct thorough skin analyses quickly.

Enhance Client Trust

With detailed visual reports and precise analysis, you can build client trust and confidence by showing them exact skin conditions and recommending targeted treatments.

Comprehensive Reports

The device generates comprehensive analysis reports that can be used for ongoing treatment planning and monitoring, ensuring your clients achieve the best possible results.

Transform Your Practice

Integrate The Contour Sense into your practice to offer superior skin analysis and personalized treatment plans. Discover how this revolutionary tool can elevate your service offerings and client satisfaction!

Contour Sense product imageContour Sense: Smart Skin Analysis System
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