Allow us to introduce ourselves.

The origin of the Contour group began when Hayley and Janice, the co-founding members of Contour Group, started seeing more and more beauty salons using machines similar to these in their ongoing beauty treatments.


Both owned and operated several beauty salons between them and looked into purchasing several machines to expand the range of services they could offer their customers whilst dramatically increasing their profits. One of the biggest barriers both had encountered was the huge cost that was associated with the various machines they were interested in. Cheaper machines were available but weren't as effective or reliable.


Having trained on various laser and beauty devices in Europe and the UK for other machine selling companies, they bought machines to use within their own clinic business’ and saw how profitable machine treatments could be to a expand a salon or beauty business. Having also sold a variety of devices in the large annual UK Beauty Shows, they were knowledgeable and experienced enough to join forces and research the market to source the most effective and reliable machines for Contour Group, at an affordable cost without compromising on quality, efficiency and results for clients!

Join the Laser/Non-Surgical beauty device industry and Excel in your beauty business!

Our Machines

Our state of the art machines are manufactured with the latest technologies, comprising of supreme quality components and ergonomic designs. Our devices have been scientifically proven to deliver fast, excellent treatment results for your clients…. securing returning custom and increased bookings for your business.

All of our machines are high quality with a low cost making them excellent value for money.

We provide free training for all of our machines which are easily accessible meaning you can start using them straight away.

30+ Years in the beauty Industry
Professional and experienced device trainers
aesthetics industry experts helping businesses thrive
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