Purchase of Machine: Terms, Conditions, Warranty & Delivery

At Contour Group, we are a wholesale supplier of cosmetic machinery for clinical and aesthetic purposes. Please note that our sales terms apply strictly to business customers and are intended for business purposes. Even if you use a personal card or name, any purchases are considered business-related. To use our products and equipment, you must undergo training with a certified Contour Group trainer.

We reserve the right to withhold certification if you are deemed incompetent. In such cases, you will need to attend training again or participate in virtual training until the trainer is satisfied with your progress. Please note that travel costs for training are not covered.

We provide various free marketing materials such as posters, banners, social media content, flyers, videos, and branding resources. You can download these materials. Additionally, we offer the option to feature your business on our websites and social media platforms, connecting potential customers to you.

After your training, you can request a free consultation with an experienced business mentor and marketing specialist to help you with your business strategies and plans. This consultation is optional but can be valuable.

If you choose to finance your purchase, please review the terms and conditions provided by the finance company as they apply to your agreement.

We cannot guarantee the exact delivery date as it depends on the courier company. Once your payment clears, we will start building your machine, which typically takes 7 to 28 days based on the item and purchase timing.

Marketing and training materials can only be given to you by the trainer after the day of your training.

Postage is automatically calculated in your basket with a suitable delivery company depending on your location. Please ensure that there is someone available to help the driver lift the heavy machine to your door, otherwise, you can re-arrange delivery directly with the delivery company.

Once you have received your items, do inspect within 7 days in case of any damage in transit.

We do not have control over the delivery of your item once it is taken from us by the delivery company, but we will provide you with the tracking number of the associated company and how to contact in case of any issues.

For some large items, you would need to pay for re-delivery if you missed the delivery date.

You will have to pay directly to the delivery company and arrange re-delivery with them.

We will deliver to the delivery address that you input on your order. If you have given us the wrong address, please contact us ASAP as we are unable to change the address once the courier has the item.

Once you place a deposit for the device selected for purchase, it becomes non-refundable and cannot be transferred. Our machinery is custom-made, so refunds are not possible once production has started.

Refunds for Purchased Devices: Unused products may be eligible for a refund, but a fee applies. Custom-built machines cannot be refunded. If you receive a faulty item, we offer an exchange within within 7-14 days, after which the warranty terms are applicable.

Please note that training services, administration fees, deposits, partial payments, postage, packaging, and other fees cannot be refunded. Ensure you securely package the items for return.

We are not responsible for any loss of earnings, loss of business, loss of marketing, defamation, or litigation resulting from problems with our products, services, marketing, or training. This includes accidents or malfunctions of the products. We are not liable for the services, results, or products provided by your own business.

We provide ongoing support, but the support contract may end after the warranty period.

During your warranty period: Upon receiving and inspection, we aim to fix, repair, replace a like for like of the machine/parts within 1-2 working days. A courtesy machine/parts is not provided.

New warranty or extended purchased warranty cannot be forwarded to another customer/business if they have not had the training with an approved representative.

12 Month Manufacturers Warranty: If the product is returned to us, the warranty is subject to up to a 1-day inspection before any advice can be given.

The warranty covers parts and labour but not the postage. We provide you with a professional freight case and padding so that your machine can be securely protected during transportation.

The warranty is being provided directly from the manufacturer where agents, distributors, or affiliates can assist during the warranty period.

You may ask for a customised warranty cover that can be tailored to your needs.

Important: We must receive pictures and videos of the problem before we can advise you further, where issues must be logged clearly to avoid miscommunication. These images will be passed onto our engineers to solve problems as quickly as possible; it is best to follow their procedures and advice for a speedy recovery of your item. 90% of the time issues can be diagnosed and solved remotely unless there is a physical fault.

Very rarely faults can occur, and we understand that it is frustrating when there is a problem with your machine or products, and we will try to solve it as soon as we can. We cannot be liable for any loss of earnings, loss of business, negligence, accidents, product malfunctioning or any harm caused to the user or customers when there is a problem with your product or usage and advice. This applies during and after the warranty period.

Only authorised distributors or engineers can service or repair the machine on our behalf. All consumable items such as handles as well as the machine will be void if the equipment is found to be tampered with during or after the warranty period. Warranty does not cover accidental damage, wear-and-tear to the machine, handles or filters. The warranty will be void if the product is misused, improper maintenance or storage as advised by the manufacturer within the user manual provided. We will refuse to service/repair the machine and consumables if it has been tampered with by unauthorised personnel.

Repaired Warranty Terms: Repaired parts after the warranty period are covered for 90 days if your machine is being serviced regularly.

If your machine is not serviced within the recommended period, repaired parts are only covered for 30 days warranty.

If you buy a new machine from us, we offer free recycling for your old machine. Contact us for trade-in options.

We are not liable for any affiliate products or treatment services advertised on our website. If you have any questions or issues, please contact the respective affiliated company directly.

The success of cosmetic procedures varies depending on clients, technology, and techniques. Results are subjective and influenced by factors like treatment period, client conditions, and other considerations. It's important to thoroughly understand contraindications during training. If you have any doubts, refer to your training program.

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